Guild Wars 2 – Update 1

Well been playing on and off for almost a week now – through the weekend. Unfortunately been spending most of the time doing PVE with the limited time events with Adinay. When he isn’t on though I do sneak into WvW and own some people. Had some great fights out there! Surprisingly – I know I know.

Dodge mechanics make the small man and 1v1 game a bit – dumb to be honest, but the siegeing and running around with a zone commander for a while was a lot of fun. I run my support tank (Mace and Shield) with some offense using my Scepter and Mace. Gives me survivability when things go badly for us, but when we took a Main Keep I was able to dodge through all the Jade Quarry people and get behind their main offense to their squishies, who were too distracted to notice me...

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Guild Wars 2: The Return


It’s time for a change. After many months of not having anything worth while to play a friend of mine finally broke me down and talked me into returning to Guild Wars 2 on Tarnished Coast server. I’ll probably be mainly playing on my Guardian, but I might alt hop a bit just to see if anything worth while has changed with my other character.

I’m hopeful that some of the WvW / PvP changes they’ve implemented are good enough to keep me interested. I know before the whole WvW thing was kind of lame and didn’t really help small mans – and with no real goals it caused me to fizzle out. I have a few maxed out level 80s, but my favorite is the Guardian with his Mace / Shield combo, and in WvW I like having the Scepter / Torch combo – hopefully it’s still fun to play that way.

I’ll be posting regul...

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Seires Says: PVP Ramblings Part 1 – Rule Sets

Seires Says - PVP Part 1

Well here’s part 1 of my PVP writeup. I’m putting this guide/article together mostly for myself to put down notes for a game I’m currently writing up..maybe a book at this point since it’d be easier, but whatever. This, in theory, will help out all the people out there who don’t know a whole lot about PVP, or those carebears who don’t see what the big fuss is about it.

This section I’ll be covering the different types of PVP Rules. From what I can recall, there are 4 main types of PVP rules with 1 sub type. I’ll go into each one individually stating some of the pros/cons of each, then tell you which I think is best, most involved, etc.

1 – No-PVP

Basically this is for the people who like to hold hands and frolic in the woods while hugging some trees...

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Under Construction

We The Few is currently under construction - Stay Tuned!

Well, we are at it again. I’m working on bringing this site up and after a “fun” all nighter finally got some of the back end issues resolved. Next step – Social Media crap. Then I can finally start writing up some articles.

I keep getting people asking me to head back to Guild Wars 2, but I rather have my heart set on Camelot Unchained and Elder Scrolls online. I’m of course open minded (and the others will have their own interests) so we’ll see where this little adventure takes us.

Maybe we’ll do some MMO stuff, or Kindle games, F2P maybe, who knows…the world is my oyster! Oh and of course I’ll have help. Stay tuned for We The Few’s rebirth as a Gaming blog!

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