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Titan Quest Streaming on

Going to be starting a new melee guy on Titan Quest, not sure what yet, come give your 2 copper and hang out!


Black Desert Online – Free Weekend / Steam Sale

If you haven’t tried BDO, like me, currently free on steam for the weekend and 50% off. Downloading it now, will probably stream it on later once downloaded. Seems like a good MMO, good reviews anyway.

You can grab the game here:

Tyranny RPG – Live Stream on

Hey ya’ll, going to be messing around on and doing some streaming of Tyranny. Feel free to check it out. Should be a good time, maybe…yeah, it should be.



Update: Apparently the game doesn’t want to work with X-Split so can’t get the Twitch feed to work, maybe I’ll do some Pillars of Eternity instead?

Titan Quest: Ragnarok! 11 year old game gets xpac!

Was just browsing Steam bored while waiting on Life is Feudal: MMO to open, and what do I see…a new expansion for Titan Quest!

This is amazing. I’ve played this so many times over the years, great game with some good replayability, glad to see THQ working on this CoOp classic still.

Now I did play it’s spiritual sequal, Grim Dawn, but didn’t have the same feel…I like the art style of TQ much better. Going to be a good winter to hide out and play games it seems.

To get it or just wait until I get bored of the MMO scene…hmm…


Life is Feudal: MMO Open Beta Test today!

Finally, after years of playing the Life Is Feudal: Your Own standalone game, the MMO is out (soon). Currently Open Beta tests starting. Who else is in? Vakko and I are planning on putting in a run this weekend to get things situated and feel it out…keep an eye out for us!

If interested, check out their website at